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Editing Rates & Services

Introductory Critique

Price: $5 for ten pages ($0.50/page)

Purpose: Introduce the client and the editor to each other’s work so you can decide together whether you are a good match.

Details: Examines your manuscript’s first ten pages for proper use of point of view, characterization, and emotional authenticity, showing and telling, flow, logical consistency (i.e. magically changing hair and eye colors, compliance with the laws of physics, and so forth), description, character voice,  appropriate use of dialogue tagging and action beats, grammar, punctuation, spelling and usage, with respect to author voice. Makes corrections using track changes where appropriate, and offer suggestions for improvement elsewhere. This critique will include explanations of the changes the first time, so you can save money by learning the art of self-editing. Also includes feedback on the project’s strengths and merits and a price estimate for a comprehensive edit of the entire manuscript. The price estimate is based on the time that the initial edit took and your total word count.

Requirements: Submit by email a one page synopsis of the entire manuscript, your total word count, and your budget for a full edit. Attach the first ten pages of your manuscript as a .doc or as an .rtf file. Format the document to include one inch margins, Times New Roman 12 font, double spaced lines, no spaces between paragraphs, 1/2 inch first line indent.Non-compliant formatting will be changed to meet her guidelines and only the first ten pages will then be edited.

Submission Email:
Get your own spam proof email link at Wild Web Widget

Turn around: Your critique will be sent to you by email within 5-7 business days following payment.

Payment method:

To pay by check or money order, email Andrea for further instructions. Note sending her payment through the mail will slow down the turn around.

Comprehensive Editing

Pricing: $10/hour (does NOT include the editor’s taxes, time spent communicating with the client, time spent on billing/bookkeeping, and other costs of doing business.)

Requirements: Client must have already purchased the introductory offer and have attempted to correct the issues the initial critique pointed out in the manuscript, but should please refrain from doing any rewrites while the editor is actively working on the manuscript.

Preferences: Purchase a certain amount of hours of editing up front, with a minimum of nine hours or $90. This is a win-win that guarantees the editor payment and allows you to control exactly how many hours you purchase, and also to spread the cost of a full manuscript edit out across multiple pay periods, thereby making this large ticket item more affordable.

Details: Checks the same things as the introductory offer, but spends far less time on explaining. Feel free to email Andrea if you do have any questions.

Scholarships: Editing bills may be written off for clients experiencing severe hardship who have a manuscript with the power to change lives. Submit your request when you purchase an introductory critique. Please be prepared to provide proof.  Availability is subject to how much time the editor has to set aside for this ministry. She will not publicize your scholarship, but she does hope you will recommend her services to paying clients. Note everyone has the opportunity to earn free editing through the POV Boot Camp referral program.

Request your starter critique today!

Because, at fifty cents a page,  you’re unlikely to get ten pages professionally edited for less. If for some reason you’re not satisfied, you’re only out $5 rather than the triple or quadruple digits typically charged for freelance manuscript editing.

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