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How's Free Sound?

Find a mistake in the copy of this website and you'll receive $5 off your next edit. Since this includes the introductory offer, you would get ten pages of your fiction manuscript critiqued for free. The Chicago Manual of Style and Meriam-Webster's dictionary will be the final arbiters of any disputes.

Have a question about POV or any other aspect of fiction writing? Ask away in the comments of any article posted. I'll write a post to address it.


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“No one understands POV like Andrea. She had a rare and wonderful gift in what is one of the most difficult areas of writing to master. Her feedback on my manuscripts “Higher Honor” (TWCP, 2009) and “Fair Balance” helped shaped them both into well-received and highly acclaimed tales. She also possesses deep Biblical knowledge sure to help any Christian writer. I highly recommend her.” –Susan Kirkland, Author, Higher Honor

“Andrea is an excellent editor, proofreader and critiquer, with a very sharp eye for detail and a problem-solving attitude.” –Grace Bridges, Author, Faith Awakened; Publisher, Splashdown Books

“Andrea provides invaluable insights as an editor. Her years of dedicated study of the craft of fiction writing help her provide spot-on critiques and edits.” –Adam Graham, Editor in Chief, Laser & Sword Magazine

“Andrea Graham and I share publication in a short story publication called Light at the Edge of Darkness. This was a unique project where a group of Christian authors all critiqued each other’s submissions. I found Andrea’s advice among the most valuable. Andrea knows the rules of fiction craft.” —Frank CreedAuthor, Flashpoint

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